Volunteer Opportunities

PTA Board: Open Positions 2020 - 2021 School Year

A number of board members will be cycling off the board this year. Board members can expect to attend 8 board meetings throughout the school year, and about the same number of planning meetings throughout the school year. These meetings are scheduled in accordance with availability of the PTA board as much as possible. (Meaning, if Wednesdays at noon don't work for you, there is a chance that time would change if you were on the board). The general responsibilities of these positions are outlined at http://idahopta.org/ . However, if you think you might be interested, please contact us and we will be happy to meet with you about the responsibilities. Positions can be shared, if you would like to share the position with someone. Elections for each position are typically held in May, but we need to know if you are interested in running hopefully by March or April. We will be looking for people to fill the following 2 year term roles:

Community Outreach and Grants Coordinator:

We are interested in creating more partnerships with our local community, and finding grant opportunities for larger projects we would like to fund such as a school playground improvement project. There are no specific requirements for this position yet, but generally we are looking for someone who is willing to reach out to people in the community to foster beneficial relationships with Andrus, and someone who is willing to research, write, and submit grant applications. Busy Season? No, there are partnership and grant opportunities throughout the year.

Membership Coordinator:

The membership coordinator is responsible for collecting all PTA membership forms and entering the information into a spreadsheet. In the past year we introduced a Google form for this task. However, some people still submit paper applications. The Membership Coordinator works with the Treasurer closely to verify that the total number of members and the membership payments match up. They contact people who submit payment without providing contact information, or who submit their membership without payment. Busy Season? Yes, September & October.


The secretary maintains all meeting records for the PTA in accordance with PTA guidelines. These duties include preparing meeting minutes and agendas, getting minute approval from principal before each meeting, and attending each meeting to take minutes or finding people to take meeting minutes in their absence. Our PTA uses Google Docs to track meeting minutes and agendas. Busy Season? No - the work is spread evenly throughout the year.


The treasurer maintains all funds for the PTA in accordance with PTA guidelines. Our PTA uses Quickbooks software to track funds, so experience with Quickbooks is a plus. This position is a significant time commitment and requires attention to detail and responsibility...but it does come with those front row seats for school performances:) Busy Season? Yes, September & October, and April & May.