Volunteer Opportunities

PTA: Open Positions 2021 - 2022 School Year

A number of activities and events this year need your help to pull off! Some have larger time commitments and some have very little. If you think you might be interested, please contact us and we will be happy to meet with you about the responsibilities. Positions can be shared, if you would like to share the position with someone.

Staff Appreciation Co-chairs:

Work with parents and community members to develop a schedule of events, activities, and gifts that show how much we care about our teachers and staff at Andrus. Busy Season? May 1-7 is the main week, but we also do lunches, birthday treats, etc... for teachers and staff once each month.

After School Park Playdate Coordinator (September/October)

Casual play dates at the park for families to get to know each other.

Communication Coordinator:

We are interested in creating more partnerships with our local community, and finding grant opportunities for larger projects we would like to fund such as a school playground improvement project. There are no specific requirements for this position yet, but generally we are looking for someone who is willing to reach out to people in the community to foster beneficial relationships with Andrus, and someone who is willing to research, write, and submit grant applications. Busy Season? No, there are partnership and grant opportunities throughout the year.

Movie Night Co-chair (November and February):

We love for our kids and families to be able to get together outside of school hours. This person would be responsible for organizing the Movie Nights that Andrus will be holding in November and February this year. It entails: creating a flier to inform families of the event, having the kids vote on a school-appropriate movie, getting free popcorn donated, arranging other snacks/treats to be sold at the event, and running the movie night.

Harvest Night at the Farmstead (Monday October 18th) 4-8 pm.

An outdoor event at the Farmstead Pumpkin patch where families can come to the Farmstead and do lots of the activities while earning some money for Andrus.

Idaho Battle of the Books Co-chair (February):

This is a new event we hope to bring to Andrus this year. This person would be responsible for learning about the timeframe of the Idaho Battle of the Books competition, making a flier to inform families of the event and the book lists, arranging with Mrs. Robinette to have the book knowledge battles, and hopefully bringing our winning team to a district/regional event.

Reading Olympics Co-chair (February):

This was a huge hit last year and we hope to continue it this year. This person would be responsible for making copies of the fliers and distributing them to all the teachers in advance of the event, running a kick-off Opening Ceremony event at the school during school hours, tallying all minutes read and money and distributing medals and prizes to winning students, and reporting back to the PTA board.

Reflections Co-chair (March):

National PTA-sponsored talent/art showcase. The chair provides information to Andrus students and coordinates a display of entries and awards.