Reading Olympics

Make Pledge Payments Online!

Andrus Elementary PTA is excited to introduce the 1st Annual Reading Olympics. This event unites the school in the spirit of reading, and earn money to fund PTA events for next year.

Thank you for sponsoring an Andrus student for Reading Olympics. Reading is critical to the development of young minds, and it is so fun!

Pledge sponsors can easily submit payment online via our secure payment portal. Pay with Cheddar Up to make a secure tax-deductible donation via e-check or credit card.

Pledge payments were due on February 26th. There are two types:

Flat donation pledge: You can make your payment online as soon as you wish to do so. Due at the school by February 26th

Per minute pledge: Your Andrus student will be able to notify you how much you owe between February 23rd and February 25th. Online payment or check due to the school by February 26th.

If you still have pledges to submit, you may contact Unfortunately, pledges submitted after February 28th cannot be counted toward student goals.

The goal for this fundraiser is $4,000. With the money we raise, we plan to fund $150 per teacher in teacher vouchers, new playground equipment, student supplies to foster safe learning, as well as appreciation gifts and other special things that boost the morale of teachers and staff.



  1. SET A GOAL: Every student can achieve a bronze medal through regular class participation, and can also set a goal for achieving a silver or gold medal through additional reading time at home.
    Kindergarten- Bronze: 100 minutes; Silver: 205 minutes; Gold: 240 minutes
    1st grade- Bronze: 150 minutes; Silver: 290 minutes; Gold: 325 minutes
    2nd grade- Bronze: 175 minutes; Silver: 335 minutes; Gold: 370 minutes
    3rd grade- Bronze: 200 minutes; Silver: 375 minutes; Gold: 410 minutes
    4th grade- Bronze: 225 minutes; Silver: 435 minutes; Gold: 470 minutes
    5th grade- Bronze: 250 minutes; Silver: 530 minutes: Gold: 565 minutes

  2. OBTAIN PLEDGES: Students ask family, neighbors and friends to pledge a flat donation, or a per-minute donation based on their goal. No pledge is too small, even pennies count.


  • A special kick-off video will be shown in classrooms during the week of February 15.

  • Record all minutes read AT HOME from February 17-23 on the reading log. Parents should initial each day’s entry for your student.


    • All minutes read for homework

    • All minutes read for fun (magazines, comic books, books at home)

    • All minutes of being read to by an older sibling or adult

    • Record number of classroom minutes based on grade level (See chart on bottom of reading log for amount of minutes)

  1. COLLECT PLEDGE MONEY from February 23-February 25.

  2. RETURN ENVELOPE: Final due date is Friday, February 26. ENVELOPES MUST BE TURNED IN in order to qualify for prizes regardless of how much money is enclosed.


Students must turn in their envelope with reading log filled out including parent/adult initials in order to qualify for prizes.

    • Reading Goal Rewards: Students who reach the reading goals as identified in the list above will receive:

BRONZE: $1 to Spring Book Fair held on March 3-16

SILVER: $2 to Spring Book Fair held on March 3-16

GOLD: $3 to Spring Book Fair held on March 3-16

These prizes are based on minutes read, not money earned.

        • Pledge Goal Rewards: Pledge money collected will be redeemed for the following prizes:

$25- Cup with Andrus Ambassadors logo that changes color when a cold drink is poured!

$50- Cup with Andrus Ambassadors logo that changes color when a cold drink is poured! AND a coupon for a free frozen treat at Dairy Queen

$75- Cup with Andrus Ambassadors logo that changes color when a cold drink is poured! AND a coupon for a free frozen treat at Dairy Queen AND a pass to Altitude Trampoline Park in Boise

How to Support Your Kids Reading at Home

If your kids have a hard time reading, make it fun! Here are 10 ideas to make reading more enjoyable and convenient.

  • Keep books in the pockets of the car for reading during errands.

  • Read books aloud together as a family before bed.

  • Audio books (many picture books have a chime to know when to turn the page and follow along)

  • Bring a book to read at a restaurant while waiting for the food.

  • Bring a book to read while waiting at the Doctor's and Dentist's office.

  • Surprise them with new books from the library on a bookshelf.

  • Keep book on their nightstand.

  • Listen to audio books in the car and on road trips. Some of our favorites are Mr. Popper's Penguins, Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, How to Train Your Dragon, Nate the Great, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

  • Make a cozy reading nook with a bean bag or other cozy spot.

  • Don't forget about magazines! My kids LOVE Highlights, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, Boys' Life, among others, and their favorite day is when they come in the mail for them.